No sleep

After three days of sleeping off and on all day long following my wisdom tooth extraction, my sleep patterns are all messed up.

Last night I was up until about 4:30 am without a single yawn. I finally shut everything down and attempted to sleep and then T was up half an hour later to get ready to go to his conference out of town today. Bird woke up with him.

I was finally able to get her back to bed, T on the road and myself back to sleep by 5:30 and Bird let me sleep in until 9:30. Mini victory.

Right now, I'm lusting after this bedding to hopefully lull me back to a normal sleep schedule

Found via papernstitchblog.com - martin bedding in citrus by unison on nest living


  1. aw hope you get some good sleep tonight, friend!

    and id love that bed spread too. its the perfect shade of yellow!!!

  2. I put myself to bed early last night (1130) and was finally successful!

  3. Nothing is worse, than not getting good sleep. I love that yellow bedspread so much!


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