Christmas #3, just the 3 of us

It was exactly what we wanted and hoped for. We all got to sleep in, I was actually up first, but not until about 9 am.  T woke up and we had some quiet chats before Bird joined us and we got breakfast started.

We had been dreaming of this breakfast for weeks. Homemade french toast on egg challah with cinnamon + powdered sugar made by yours truly. Applewood smoked bacon (an entire package) slow cooked in the skillet and tended to by T. A little Cran-grape juice, a lot of butter, flowing maple syrup and we were in a food coma.

After breakfast, we opened presents and Bird showed some improvement on her paper ripping that was lacking during the last two Christmases. We also learned that we need to remove the opened gift from the room before she will really focus on the next one. She is very spoiled. All the excitement pooped her out, so she went down for the count for a couple hours and T and I just got to relax, all quiet style.

Dinner was the second meal of the day we were excited for. We decided against cooking another big meal at home and opted for our second annual trip to a local Chinese restaurant for Christmas dinner. Apparently the memo finally got out about Chinese restaurants on Christmas because they were packed. Last year there were only two other couples there and this year we had to wait for a table. (Side note: Last year, while greatly pregnant, our waiter told us we were having a boy. We were hoping to see him again to show him the contrary evidence.)

Things were going well through the soup and other appetizers but as soon as our dinner arrived, Bird decided she had enough of the evening and she was ready to go home and go to bed. We packed up our leftovers, after only a few (delicious!) bites and headed home quickly.

I am still in awe of the amazing generosity that was poured on us this year. It is just great to know that so many people wanted to spend time with our little fam of 3 and cared enough to get us such thoughtful presents.

Stay tuned for a photo recap of our Holiday time soon!

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