Shut down

With winter starting to peek around the corner and an almost 10 month old who randomly chooses when she wants to sleep through the night and when she doesn't, I'm starting to get the feeling like I just want to hibernate. Just stay inside, huddle and cuddle with my family, leave all to-do lists behind and just do nothing. I'm just in an asocial type mood where my little family is all I want to worry about and spend time with as the cold whips about outside and the sunlight hours get shorter.

Is that so wrong.

I know I'll get out of this little mood soon. All it takes is a few plans with some good friends and I'll be looking forward to dashing about.

For now I'm going to revel in the fact that we didn't leave the house at all yesterday, we feasted on warm comfort foods (fried/sugary/meaty) off and on like grazing cattle, and we played and made Bird giggle exponentially more than I can remember in the recent past. It was definitely a notable Sunday.

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