One of those perfect weekends

This was one of those perfect weekends that you have to write about...one where there is no arguing, full of family and friends, tons of hugs and kisses and sunshine...

Dad's 60th birthday - the whole immediate family and spouses were there to celebrate which is a mini feat these days
Mom came down to watch Bird for the morning while I did some house cleaning and got ready for the day
Everyone met at my parents for a family photo shoot by our good friend SKC from Little Personalities Photography
Lots of food was consumed and my Dad gave out presents (you just have to love him!) and opened his presents
T, Bird, and I met up with our friends the K and B and went to church and then back to their house to enjoy some pizza and company...their little one is coming in June and their nursery looks darling!

Bird and I slept in while T was at work
Mid morning walk around the neighborhood for the 3 of us, it was so still and quiet
T worked on our garage some more - his project is coming along well and I can't wait to see what it looks like when its finished
Family nap when I got the call that I didn't have to go into work this afternoon
Trip to Lowe's and Meijer, not to exciting but we got the necessities
Dinner and a movie (Taco Bell/Wendy's and "Zach and Miri")
Day 3 of Rice cereal for Bird...she doesn't spit it out, but she screams with every spoonful - mini fail
Quiet time with T after Bird went to bed

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