Mother's Day - My 1st

I thought that perhaps I would have breakfast in bed, be able to nap off and on all day, do no household chores, and be waited on.

Here's what happened on my 1st Mother's Day:

-Woke up and snuggled with Bird while T was at work
-Played and had a dance party in our dresses waiting for T to get home
-Frantically cleaned the bathroom, put away dishes, post somethings on Craigslist
-Thought of all the moms that I know now vs. this time last year
-Found my present from T (and Bird) - lovely earrings!
-Wished a Happy Mother's Day to T's Mom on the phone, complete with photo updates on Bird
-Made our way to my parents house to celebrate with my Mom
-Was overwhelmingly touched by the words of my brother C's present
-Watched my Mom and Dad light up at the activities of their granddaughter
-Enjoyed home cooked food and two pieces of pound cake
-Came home and enjoyed a brief nap with Bird and T
-Late night meal from "Club Checkers" with great service
-Extra cuddles before bed from Bird

It wasn't exactly what I expected...it was even better.

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