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Here's a small list of what's been going on as of lates:

Took a camping trip with the S's a couple weekends ago in Ludington...it was gorgeous there and I loved spending time with this couple, playing games, sleeping in, taking walks, checking out a lighthouse, and in general getting quality friend time in.

Went to register at a second store, BuyBuy Baby. I will say that I was against registering at a second place and upon walking in, the staff at the store confirmed why I did not want to do this. They were either too busy, kinda rude, or pushy with the help, among other things. We found a couple things that we really liked clothing wise, but we were really taken aback by the cost of some of the furniture and strollers. All in all, I'm glad that's over...just looking forward to the shower next month!

My macbook failed me and would not restart. After about a week and a half of comp sharing with T, we went looking for options on how to remedy this situation (we don't share that well.) First, we tried a new hard drive, which wasn't detected by the system, then it was a trip to the Apple store to get it diagnosed. They said they put in a hard drive and it showed up, so we ordered a didfferent one and had the same issue as the first, wasn't showing up. At this point, T had been looking at new laptops for me for under $500. We took a trip to Best Buy and I fell in love with one for about $400, but something told me to sleep on it. Well, I kept thinking about it all night and the next day and so did T, so we went back to just buy it...and it was gone...all of them, from every Best Buy in the state. So we went to a bunch of different stores for a couple hours to compare things and finally settled on my new Compaq. I do miss my Mac but its been nice to have my own comp again and I'm getting used to Windows Vista.

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