Taxes, take 1

Last night, T and I decided to take a stab at our taxes for 2008. We are still missing a couple of documents, like an interest form from one bank and a contribution statement from our church. We're starting early so that once we get those forms we can add the info and go.

So far I've realized:
TurboTax is our friend
USAA is so nice for giving us a discount
T nor I really understand the tax code
Never make a bet on how much you'll get on your refund
I love being a homeowner
Donating has never felt so good

Right now we have a filing for married, filing jointly, but we're going to test out the outcome for married, filing separately just to see what all the hubbub might be about.

At this point, I'm pretty jazzed about the refund it looks like we're getting. Just one more push on our step to CC debt freedom.

Thanks, Gov!

*update* In a effort to thwart the divorce rate, the IRS sticks it to married couples that want to file separately, not allowing certain deductions to be taken among other things. I guess they figure you married the person, why wouldn't you want to file with them too? For the record, filing jointly is the way to go for us!

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