The haps as of late.

So I've been away for a while and much has happened...here's a little bit of what went down...

I took a little trip to visit K in Chicago...this post explains most of the weekend better than I could recount, thanks EO(M)...in addition to those exploits K and I ran around around 2 am on Saturday night to visit one of my old Ladies and find a place called Kingston Mines. We effectively did both and it was worth it despite the cold and late hours.

T and I made some changes to how we're attacking our debt, most notably that we're going to start saving a little more and start being a little less aggressive with the debt elimination. One of the big changes that has affected our debt elimination trajectory is the readjustment of our monthly mortgage payment due to an escrow analysis.

Our new monthly payment skyrocketed (all relative) due to a shortage from this year (not a surprise). So our extra money has been decreased and is mostly going towards our house and its accoutrements, which is fine because hey, that's what extra money is there for, right?

Due to this little set back we decided to give a big push to debt elimination before we settle into saving mode. I know that seems backwards but it was motivation to stay the course for us. We paid off evil CC #1, the highest interest rate and transferred a bit of the CC #2 to CC#3 because of a lower interest rate and no transfer fees. We are now 43% of the way to paying off our beginning total debt of $13,689.33! I can't believe it and despite the set back, I'm so proud of us.

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