It keeps going and going...

This weekend was wonderful, from the weather to the visits with friends to the time spent with T, it was great...

I got to go shopping with T on Saturday morning after he got home from work and we had a big breakfast. I like to shop on line and show him things I like to get his opinion, but sometimes you have to see things in person, so off to the mall we went. After an hour or so of peeking and trying on clothes and being really appalled by this store, we left with a purchase or two and made our way to Ypsi-pipsi for the Heritage festival and to see JV.

JV and I hadn't gotten a chance to hang out in a while so walking around in the nice afternoon sun was the perfect opportunity. We looked at the wares vendors were tempting us with, had some festival food, watched a pie eating contest, saw a fiddle or two being played and then ended up at Sidetracks. They claim to have great burgers and they are right, but their fries leave something to be desired.

T and I were tired after running around all day at the mall and with JV, so we headed home and preceded to sleep from 730 pm until 430 and 730, respectively, the next day!

Sunday was more of a cleaning, helping out, hanging out day, spent decluttering the house some more, lawn-scaping (Secret Scalpers!), and churching and eating.

All in all a great one for the books.

Tonight I'm looking forward to a surprise dinner I don't have to cook! Thanks, T!

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