Snowflakes in June

I decided to put some things on Ebay during Memorial Day weekend in an effort to de-clutter the house a bit and make a dollar or two.

Well the auctions are over and we are $42.32 richer!

When we first decided to list the items, mostly books that I had no use for any longer, my intention was to send the money as a snowflake to debt. Once the auctions ended and I saw how much we'd brought in, though not much, I still wanted to send the money as a small payment toward our CC's. In comes T with his ever giving nature with, "You can just keep the money and spend it on clothes. Most of the stuff sold was yours to begin with."

I'm having a hard time indulging lately, and hearing this is not helping me. In the end, I think I will still send it as a debt payment, but its nice to know that if I wanted to, I could have "splurged" with the money.

Side note: The other option for the $40+ is to save it as spending money for our trip in August. The plan with the travel money earmarked for our trip is that what is left over can go to debt after we get back.

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